Trainer: Roisin Reilly


Roisin Reilly is a local Medical herbalist, who studied for a Herbal medicine BSc at Lincoln University, where she was awarded a scholarship for her first year of studies and went on to receive a higher-class degree with honours.

Roisin runs a private practice in West London and has been a tutor at Living Medicine since 2017. Roisin’s enthusiasm for grass roots community health and nature has led her to facilitate herbal medicine workshops, guide herb walks and give lectures and workshops to local organisations, such as Nubian life, White City Community Centre and Community and Maternity Champions.

  • These sessions are free to attend

  • You can attend the entire training or individual sessions

Simple Herbal Remedies training

The course is now full but you can still register your interest for future training sessions.

Free • 10 online sessions • Fortnightly on Wednesdays at 8pm from 3rd February – 23rd June 2021

These ten workshops will cover the basics of herbal medicine showing you how to create and use your own herbal kitchen pharmacy for all the family.

The training will explain how to use the herbs that grow around us, (including in the Josiah Braithwaite Community Garden), by incorporating them into herbal oils, tinctures, teas, oxymels, vinegars and creams (among other remedies).

These workshops will run in pairs, the first will be a theoretical examination of a herbal preparation. Including its history and folklore, basic botany, basic pharmacy and phytochemistry, when to use and best type of herb to use in each type of preparation.

The second part will be a practical session where we will make our herbal remedy, understand the plants that we are using and the different methods that can be used to prepare the herbal remedy.

Sessions will be online via Zoom and supported with handouts.


Making and using herbal oils

3rd February 2021 • 8pm-9.30pm • Theoretical session

Understanding herbal oils and when to use them: Fundamentals of herbal medicinal oil making, which kind of oils to use, which herbs and when to use herbal oils and conditions.

17th February 2021 • 8pm-9.30pm • Practical session

Making Herbal Oils: Putting theory into practise, Different methods of herbal oil and best practise. We will be making these oil to hopefully transform into cream/salve in the 5th practical session.

Making and using herbal teas, cold infusions and decoctions

3rd March 2021 • 8pm-9.15pm • Theoretical session

Understanding herbal preparations with water: Why do we use water for some herbs? Different water extraction methods, best herbs for this practise and seasonal plants for this method.

17th March 2021 • 8pm-9.30pm • Practical session

Using herbs and water and when to use each method: Exploring different methods to extract constituents from plants via water, which plants? Dry versus fresh.

Making and using tinctures

31st March 2021 • 8pm-9.15pm • Theoretical session

Tinctures, what they are and when to use them: Understanding what an herbal tincture is, what plants are best to use them and why we use them.

28th April 2021 • 8pm-9.30pm • Practical session

Make your own herbal tincture: Making your own tincture, get to know the right herbs for your tincture and best practise.

Making and using herbal vinegars, oxymels and herbal honeys

12th May 2021 • 8pm-9.15pm • Theoretical session

Making herbs with honey and vinegar: Why would we use honey and vinegar for herbal medicine? Which plants are best for this method and the long history of this practise.

26th May 2021 • 8pm-9.30pm • Practical session

Make your own fire cider vinegar: prepare your own health tonic, fit for all the family.

Making and using balms, ointments and creams

9th June 2021 • 8pm-9.15pm • Theoretical session

Understanding balms, ointments and creams: When and where is it best to use creams and balms, which herbs help and nourish your skin.

23rd June 2021 • 8pm-9.30pm • Practical session

Make your own salve and cream: turning our herbal oil into creams and salves, make the most of your herbal pharmacy.

  • These sessions are free to attend

  • You can attend the entire training or individual sessions

We are very grateful to have received funding for these sessions from the Big Lottery – Thank you!

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