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Growing Together Seeds Available

Here are the details of the seeds available for you to choose from:



​You can choose between climbing (French and Runner) and dwarf beans. Climbing beans need a trellis or bamboo wigwam to climb because they grow to 6-8ft. Dwarf beans grow to 1-2ft and are much easier to grow in pots. They obviously don’t produce so many beans but the beans still taste really good!

Plant the seeds indoors/in a greenhouse in April or outdoors in May for a crop from July/August onwards.


Climbing French bean which produces good dried beans for soups through the winter.


Climbing French bean with purple pods. Delicious fresh, they turn greener when cooked.


A runner bean with red flowers and plentiful beans also very good to eat fresh.


Carrots can be planted between February and July. They ideally need a well drained friable soil.

Space needed: for a row of carrots you’ll need a width of 30cm. Best in deep containers.


Multi-coloured ‘rainbow’ chard

Green Swiss chard

Carrots can be planted between February and July. They ideally need a well drained friable soil.

Space needed: for a row of carrots you’ll need a width of 30cm. Best in deep containers.


Genovese courgettes

Courgettes provide a great crop through the summer. Sow from April to May. They need a very large container or a square metre of space and plenty of feed.


Cress Sprint

Cress is very quick to grow and makes an excellent addition to salads. You can grow on your windowsill at any time of year. A great way to start growing from seed.


Cucumber Marketmore

Cucumbers grow through the summer, either spreading across the ground or climbing up a trellises. Sow from April to May. They can be grown in containers or in the ground, they need an area of 50cm squared.


Lettuce is easy to grow both in the ground and containers. You have to watch out for slugs, although they aren’t so keen on red lettuce, which is what we have available. You can grow lettuce from February onwards, although best to find somewhere more shady during the summer months to avoid the lettuce ‘bolting’ (which means the plants stops growing leaves and starts growing flowers).


Pea Ambassador

Peas can be grown in two ways. You can grow pea shoots, which are a great addition to salads. They grow in about ten days on your windowsill and can be planted at any time of year. You can also grow the plants to maturity for peas. They often have pretty flowers and fresh peas are delicious, although they’ll rarely reach your plate since they taste so good straight from the pod. Usually grown to maturity round a bamboo wigwam or up a trellis.


Pepper Long Red Marconi

Peppers come from the Americas and need hot weather to grow. Plant them in February or March indoors or heated greenhouse and ideally grow them on in a greenhouse once the weather is warmer in April/May. They can be grown in large pots or containers. The peppers start out green and mature to a red colour. The redder the peppers the sweeter they are.


Potatoes Cara

Other potatoes available:
Pink Gypsy and Setanta

Potatoes Robinta

Potatoes are so good fresh that although you might not have space to grow many they can be worth it. It is best to start with ‘seed’ potatoes (which we have available) that have been prepared to grow a new plant rather than growing potatoes you’ve bought from the supermarket. They need a good depth of soil (about 50cm or more) and about 50cm square for each plant.


A spicy addition to salad that can be grown through the year either on your windowsill or outside in the ground.


Very quick to grow (they take about six weeks to mature) they can grown between other crops. You can also grow them in planters. You can plant them throughout the year although they are slower to grow in the winter.


Squash Rouge Vif Detampes

Squash Red (Uchiki) Kuri

Also from the Americas squash like hot weather to grow. Seeds are sown indoors in April before being planted out in May. They need lots of space (2-3 metres) but you can train the vines up a trellis or wigwam.


Tomato Clemantine

Tomato Principe Borghese

Tomato Koralik

Nothing beats a fresh tomato and we have different varieties that you can grow. They need to be planted in February or March indoors and then planted out once the frosts are past in May. You can grow them in containers or in the ground and will need about 1m square for each plant.







Flowers for Pollinators



Poached Egg Plant


Dwarf Sunflower

Giant Sunflower



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