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Working with our elders

The present garden was designed and installed in June 2018 by Permablitz London for our elders. It was filmed by Gardeners’ World and you can see the segment that appeared on the BBC by clicking here.

Sensory garden

The garden was designed to be a sensory garden, with colour from orange lilies, red canna lilies, pinks and purples from salvia, cosmos and hibiscus; scent from jasmine, lilies, philadelphus and herbs; texture from different leaves and shapes.

Food to include in the meals cooked for the elders at Nubian Life

The garden also grows food to be cooked for the elders. We grow callaloo, corn, beans, pumpkins, tomatoes, aubergines, coriander, mint, thyme, oregano, kale, spinach among other vegetables.

Elders planting seeds

We regularly have sessions with the elders where they plant seeds. Here you can see callaloo, cucumber and beans being planted.