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Introducing Reminiscence In Action

“It is vital that older people are engaged in cognitive and stimulating activities”.

Music has long been a catalyst evoking emotions and feelings that last long after the song or tune as faded from music charts and locked away deep in our long term memory, and as many older people are forced into semi isolation and shielding as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we wanted to offer a ray of hope and joy through music and the arts. Nubian Life is a vibrant charity providing adult social care services for older people from African, African Caribbean and Asian communities.

We have developed Reminiscence In Action, a therapeutic arts activity platform, featuring music, poems and folktales, reconnecting emotions and feelings from past memories and places. The platform has been developed for older people to improve their cognitive wellbeing, particularly those living with dementia.

Jazz Browne, Chief Executive of Nubian Life said, "In a time of social isolation and closure of day centres due to COVID-19 it is vital that older people are engaged in cognitive and stimulating activities. We have partnered with Serious producers of the London Jazz festival, Bush Theatre and Offstage Theatre to deliver songs, poems and a collection of stories from the Caribbean, Africa and India."

As part of the initiative, Songs From Life was created in collaboration between Nubian Life, Serious and singer song writer Juliet Kelly. Each song is beautifully sung and signposted to a particular time and set of events from that era. David Jones OBE, Director of Serious said, "We are proud to have helped to create this programme with Juliet Kelly and all our partners. At a time when older people are physically separated as never before, we hope that the spirit of Songs From Life will embrace everyone who hears it."

Reminiscence in Action launches on Friday 30 October 2020 click here to enjoy the poetry, storytelling and songs on our new platform.


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