Providing Day Opportunities In The Community.


Nubian Life is a vibrant and successful charity operating as a community resource centre in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham.  It was established in 1995 in direct response to a recognised gap in the service provision within the borough for its aging African Caribbean population.

Nubian Life provides Adult Day Care Services for Older (65 years +) African and African Caribbean residents across the borough. Since its inception it has dedicated itself to creating positive experiences and outcomes for its service users and staff.   As  a result Nubian Life has established itself as a specialist provider in the adult social care sector, by becoming expert in meeting the individual needs of clients with a range of critical health  issues, such as Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Diabetes and physical and visual impairments. 

Nubian Life has been consistently active within the adult social care and community arena for many years, and has partnered and collaborated with a number of other organisations within the sector to help shape guidelines for best practice and service provision; to give voice to the specific needs of older people accessing community services; and to raise awareness for better funding for the sector.  Nubian Life has established itself as a recognised leader in adult social care, creating imaginative and innovative initiatives and events for the community, users and staff.


Nubian Life Provides the following Services:


  • Day Opportunities                                

  • Transport Services

  • Next Of Kin Advocacy Service

  • Savings Club

  • Youth Challenge Days 

  • Valuing Independence  Project

  • Work Experience Placements for       Secondary Schools/Colleges

  • Corporate Social Responsibilities

  • Student Social Work Placements

Support our campaign for better health and social care outcomes:  

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Better Care Starts with You!


Mum loves it,  she is a changed lady, she still need reminding each day as she does not know what day of the week it is, but look forward to going, has loads to tell us in the evenings and even gets ready, with her coat on Saturdays to “go to Club”!!  I am so grateful to Nubian Life and so is the family.  The change in my Mum is remarkable.  She is still forgetful and still repeats herself, but is much happier”


“Fantastic! It's such a shame her memory is so poor. You do so much amazing stuff with her.  Thanks for sharing.”

Kindest regards


“It means a lot, it starts here, I come here two (2) days a week, I'm not sitting at home alone.  Coming here means that I can get out, have a meal and a chat”  Rose Spencer


“Care is very good because you can get away from the house.  You meet different people.” Theresa Gabriel 


“Yes you’re showing me something different, me love it” (H.W.) – iPad Lessons

“Excellent I want to keep them, I really like my bracelet. It was very hard with the beads but I like my earrings”  Jewellery Making.

“I don’t know what I would do without it right now, Its my second home.  The days I am due to come, I am ready by daylight.  Its being a second part of me.  I'm telling it straight from my heart.” H. Mills 

Nubian Life - People Purpose Passion

Nubian Life Resource Centre is a registered charity and company limited by guarantee, (registered charity number 1059460, registered company number 03227383)